12 Ways To Beat Supply Disruptions

12 Ways To Beat Supply Disruptions

When a country or an area is going through major upheaval, supply disruptions become inevitable. Whether those supplies are coming from overseas or are produced in your area, you may still have trouble getting food and goods. Trucking companies will rarely haul items to areas they don’t feel are safe. Barges may not be able to load or unload. Ships may not be able to leave port. Roads may be blocked and bridges may be destroyed preventing the shipment of goods. 

Anything can happen. You should be ready for it or at least not be deluding yourself that it could happen. With the crazy times this country has had this year, you should be expecting it. You can figure out ways to beat it, however. If you are ready for supply disruptions, you can ride it out without any problems.

12 Ways To Beat Supply Disruptions

1. Anticipate them before they happen. If you know major world events are happening on your country’s soil, then you know there will likely be supply disruptions. You can always make that last-minute trip to the store to get more food and supplies. 

2. Stock up on food that is long-lasting like rice, beans, instant potatoes, and more. Rice and beans will more than likely be cleared off the shelves first so look for those foods that are not typically seen by those who are panic buying. Stock up on vegetables and grains that will last a long time too like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, squashes, pumpkins, and more. They will add a lot of nutrition to your meals without a lot of work. 

3. Take inventory of what you have on hand. You usually have more food than you realize at home. By making a list of what you have, you will be able to put a plan together of what you can do.

4. Plan your meals. Planning your meals will give you an idea of what you have to make meals, control the amount of food being used, and use what needs to be consumed first. By planning your meals, you can also control food waste which will be a major no-no with supply disruptions. 

5. Start growing lettuce and spinach in pots. Most people do not realize how easy this to do and greens make a very nutritious addition to most meals. Since these are cool weather crops anyway, you can grow them in your house with very little problems. 

6. Create a mini greenhouse within your home for more edible plants. You can do a lot in pots and five-gallon buckets. While these plants will take longer to produce food, they will be ready when you need a more nutritious boost to your meals. 

7. Shop locally. You can source a lot of food like meat, honey, eggs, and more locally. If you still have farmer’s markets operating in your area, be sure to check them out for food as well as soap and other products. Otherwise, search online and on social media for local producers. 

8. Shop online. Just because there are supply disruptions doesn’t mean that there aren’t supplies in warehouses. As much as we don’t like giving our money to certain megacorporations, we shouldn’t go hungry because of our pride. Don’t be afraid to point, click, and ship to your homes. However, like we have already experienced, shipments may be delayed.

9. Barter with your neighbors. You never know what your neighbors need or have on hand unless you ask. You may need a can of soup and they may need some eggs. That trade can be advantageous to both of you. Just keep an open mind and the lines of communication open to make sure everyone has what they need. 

10. Don’t attract attention to your supplies. If you brag about how much food you have, you will become a target for the hungry and desperate. You can still help out your neighbors and barter without advertising your stockpiles. Just be aware of who you talk to and you let see your supplies. Make your family stays mum too about your supplies.

11. Make sure you are getting 90-day supplies on your medications. Some insurance companies will not allow this, but you can always call and ask. You can also ask your pharmacists too for a longer supply of medications. If you are taking over-the-counter medications every day, make sure you have at least a six month supply of them. Some of those medications are made overseas and can be difficult to obtain in these situations. 

12. Don’t forget about your pets. Get at least a 90-day supply of food for them. While a good deal of pet food is made in this country, supply disruptions could lead to supply problems. If you are able, also keep wet food as well as dry food for them. Having a few recipes to make your pet food doesn’t hurt either. 

Through all this though, please don’t be a jerk. Don’t clear the shelves off and make sure there is enough for everyone. Especially if you are already a prepper and have a pretty good stockpile at home. We all understand that you may need to still plug holes or get some forgotten items. Whatever you think about the people stocking up at the last minute, at least they are stocking up. 

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