Last Day of School!

Last Day of School!

Today is the last day of school for the kids!

Congratulations to Jordan on her 8th grade promotion!!! She will be a high schooler next year!

I usually look forward to this time with a lot of relief because I am so ready for the craziness to be over. We will still have some craziness with high school softball for the older two girls and little league ball for the younger two kids. I really look forward to July when most of the ball season will be over with!

Time for a family meeting – we need to hash out the summer chore chart and daily schedule. I still work full-time and we don’t have a lot of time at night for getting chores done. I believe kids should do chores around the house and yard. This teaches them responsibility and how to manage the house. I think we need to change up the chore chart because the kids are getting resistant to doing the chores assigned. We also need to add in mowing for the older two girls and getting clothes hung up on the line this summer. I want to use the dryer less and save some electricity on my bill.

The daily schedule is whole other thing. One would think that my kids would thrive off a schedule the way their lives are structured at school. But no, nada, uh-uh, nope. We need to come up with something so they can get the chores and whatnot done and enjoy the rest of their day. Also, the sleeping in until 11:00 am will be nipped in the bud now instead of later!

Hopefully we will have some idea when school and volleyball practices start in August. The kids all enjoy going to church camp and we try to work around the school-sponsored basketball and volleyball camps. At least they aren’t mandatory! We also have swim lessons to worry about too. Paige also is very excited for her trip to Washington DC. Grandma and Grandpa Nygaard like to take the kids when they turn 10 to Washington DC.

At least the school calls this the summer break! I don’t see where the vacation comes in! We will have fun though! I would like to take the kids to the Cities for the weekend to see the zoo and aquarium. We will have to see what else we can get into!

Have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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