Miscellaneous Thoughts

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Sorry about the lack of blog posts! I swear I have adult ADD sometimes. I can’t focus on one thing and no one thought is truly completed! Maybe I should put the blame where it belongs, on myself and being too busy!

Anyway, here are the random thoughts I have running through my mind. You are being warned: They are very random!

Thought #1
Michelle Bachmann, please just withdraw from the presidential race. It is pretty clear you are getting desperate and you have no original ideas. 

Thought #2
I have no desire to be married at this time. Yet, marriage and weddings have been on my mind a lot lately. A lot of well-meaning people have been dropping some not-so-subtle hints that I should be getting married. Again, I say, I have no real desire to be married at this time. When I do decide to be married, it will be because I wanted to be with someone who wants to be married and understands what marriage truly is. Until then, please keep praying. 

Thought #3
I am certain we are heading towards an economic collapse. Yes, I think this event could be diverted, but our government continually makes decisions that propel us down this path. If you think this makes me crazy I hate to break this to you, but I was already headed there. So keep prepping and get started if you haven’t already.

Thought #4
Men truly do like low-maintenance women. I didn’t think that was possible, but after four years I believe it and enjoy being a low-maintenance woman. I do not enjoy drama and certainly do not think the world revolves around me. And that feels good.

Thought #5
Having and buying tools makes me feel more secure. Maybe I should have my gender re-checked, but I like tools. 
Especially my drill.

Thought #6
Teenage girls are not that difficult to raise after all. A good foundation in their early years helps a lot during these years. However, I could do without the emotional outbrusts and the tears. I could also do without watching them get hurt by their friends. I hurt for them. 
Thought #7
Good friends can not be overrated. Especially when they help to save your sanity! Thanks!
Thought #8
Little boys could be the death of me. How in the world will I manage to make him a man? Yikes!

Thought #9
Being sick just stinks. Especially when you get sick back to back. Especially when I got sick before the kids did. That just almost never happens. Ick.
Thought #10
I enjoy my life.
The ups and downs.
The kids.
The single parenting.
The work.
The fun.
All of it.

That is all my random thoughts for now. You were warned about the randomness and I give you many kudos for making it to the end! I realize all of these could be blog posts on their own and probably will be, but for now this works.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Thoughts

  1. Response #1
    I like tools too. I even decorate my toolbox to make sure everyone knows they don't belong to my husband.

    Response #2
    You are the first person who has ever said that raising teenage girls is not difficult. That gives me hope that in 10 yrs I'll still be baking cookies with my daughter.

    Response #3
    Little boys frighten everyone, especially their parents. Is it normal for them to get so excited about zombies?! Hope mine turns out halfways decent.

    Response #4
    Thank you for the randomness. It lets us know that we're not alone. 🙂

  2. I love your random thougthts! They are similar to the random thoughts I have. We have four boys and I think raising boys is great! Yes, it is normal for them to be excited about zombies, and guns and bombs and explosions and bodily noises and all manner of things that are foreign to girls. Don't stifle their natural desire to conquer and be protective. Let them lift heavy things for you, open doors and jars for you; it helps them feel that their strength is useful and needed. Manners matter, whatever gender our children. If taught correct principles children will turn out just fine. Be patient. We had to (still working on the last two) keep telling ourselves "This child is on a nineteen year training program. He's not done yet." By the time they're eighteen/nineteen you'll realize what wonderful adults friends you've raised and all your sacrifice and hard work will be worth it. Press forward with steadfast faith, you'll make it.

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