Weekly Update and Weekend Plans

Weekly Update and Weekend Plans

It has been really quiet at our house this last week. That might be due to the fact that I caught a cold. Not just any cold, but a “how close can I get to bronchitis” cold. I didn’t really need that to happen. Why? Because that makes me think that getting the new license plates on my daughter’s car look like a real accomplishment! Yikes!

I have goals for this weekend. I am really hoping for decent weather so my goals will get accomplished!

I am excited because I will have my crew home all weekend. That crew does know and is already protesting that they will all be helping me clean up the garden on Saturday. Many hands make light work! I really need to get the garden cleaned up so I can till through it once and get my garlic planted.

I also need to get the expandable foam out and get some holes plugged on the house. This should not be a big deal. I also need to get the garage holes done too so the birds do not think they are permanent and welcome guests in the garage. I have starlings in the garage and saying they are messy is an understatement. The garage also needs to be cleaned up and swept out.

I think the windows in the house need to be covered again. Using plastic on them helps keep the house pretty warm and draft-free. And drives down my electrical costs.

I am excited all over again when I know that I have everything I need on hand. No need to run to the store! Woo hoo!

And maybe, just maybe, if I am feeling nice, I will turn the heat on in the house too. I haven’t done it yet and some hardcore begging has taken place from the children who think 65 degrees in the house is cold. I think it is pretty comfortable myself.

What are your goals for the weekend?

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