Four Things You Need To Have Done

Four Things You Need To Have Done

To be prepared, I have four things I always like to have done. These might surprise you, but in cases of emergency and disaster they are necessary.

1. Always, always stay caught up on washing dishes. What if you lost power? Would you want to worry about not having the dishes done? Do you want to boil water so you can wash dishes by hand? Keeping the dishes washed makes sense. One less thing to worry about. No I don’t like to wash dishes, but I don’t want to deal with washing them under difficult circumstances either.

2. Always, always stay caught up on washing laundry. Again what if you lost power for several days? How would you wash your laundry? In a pinch, you can was laundry with a clean toliet plunger and a five-gallon bucket, but that is a lot of work and you still need to boil water to do it. I stay caught up pretty well on laundry by doing a load in the morning and a load at night.

3. Keep your vehicles full of gas. This is something I don’t think much about, but being low on gas will be a deterrent when a disaster strikes or an emergency happens. I would also advise having 1-2 five gallon gas containers (for each vehicle) on hand full of gas to keep just in case gas is not available at the pumps for a week or so. Gas pumps run on electricity. Be sure to rotate the containers and keep fresh gas in them. Also, use containers that are designated for gasoline.

4. Keep your water supplies up-to-date and fresh. Do you have a week’s worth of water in your house? How about more than a week? I have one-gallon containers, four-gallon containers, bottled water, and non-potable on hand. I do have enough for one week, but I want to have more on hand. If you have room, I would purchase a 50-gallon drum and fill that with water. This can sit in your garage or corner of your basement out of the way, but handy in case of need. Also consider buying a water filter to be able to filter water and have clean drinking water when your supplies run out.

Some of this seems a little extreme, but these are four areas I like to have covered. They give me a great peace of mind knowing I have these things done and on hand.

Thanks for reading! Have a great night!

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2 thoughts on “Four Things You Need To Have Done

  1. This is not extreme yet, only if you have supplies for a year and have an underground shelter and have lots of guns and ammunition! LOL

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