Personal Information Sheets for Kids

Personal Information Sheets for Kids

The more I learn about preparedness, the more I learn I am not! Welcome to my weekend project: making a personal information sheet (or a life sheet) for each of my children. I do not have anything like this in a file or in the car if needed. The experts also recommend that you put a personal information sheet in each of your kids’ bug-out bags. We do not have those either, but I would like to get this part started.

What should be on the personal information sheets? Here is a list:

Child’s Name
Phone Number(s)
Parents’ Name
Parents’ Address (Important in two household situations)
Parents’ Phone Number(s)
Medical Information – known conditions, allergies, history
Emergency Contacts
Personal Information: height, weight, eye color, hair color, distinguishing marks, skin color, gender
Child’s Photo

I will be making my own sheet, but I have found a sample sheet if you would want to go that route. This sheet included fingerprinting your child. I am not sure I want to do that, but I could see where that could be a good thing.

I also plan to make a laminated card for each of my kids to carry in their backpacks, purses, vehicles, whatnot. I will include a bulk of the information above except I will add hospital and health care center of choice and their dentist information. I am not sure if I will include their personal information.

One more thing about these sheets and cards: make a reminder on your calendar to update at least once a year. Twice a year would be better if you have rapidly growing and changing children.

Join me this weekend in getting this done! If you already have this done, make sure your sheets and cards are updated. In an emergency situation, this could be a life saver!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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