What We Need Today

What We Need Today

What we need today is…

We need a lot of things. In reading and listening to the news over the last few weeks about the upcoming presidential elections and the nomination of the Republican candidate, one thing sticks in my mind. We need a presidential candidate and leader who believes in American standing up for themselves.

We don’t need a candidate who is for war, but will go to war if necessary. We don’t need a candidate who is going to create more debt and understands that we do not need a big government.

We need a candidate who believes in American taking care of itself. Not by coddling us and telling us what we should do and take from the government. Not by accepting the ideologies and hand-outs that our government gives us.

This will be difficult. We currently have a president who is trying to push on us a health care system not wanted by the American people, is interested in creating jobs but refuses to sign in legislation that would do just that, and has no trouble encouraging our government to spend more when he promised to cut spending. He might have had those intentions in the beginning of his presidency, but he did not count on a Congress who does not truly support him.

The leading Republican presidential candidate? Look at his track record at his home state where he was governor. We will be getting more of the same of our current President if we do give him the nomination and he wins.

What do these two people have in common? The idea that the government will take of the people because the people can not or will not take care of themselves. And in reality, the government has made that easy for us to do. One of the easiest things they have done: income tax refunds.

Income tax refunds make no sense to me. I pay in all year at just the right level so I don’t have to pay in more. But due to the standard deduction and earned income credit/child tax credit, I get back almost five times what I pay in. That is not right and we cannot do anything about this except write our representatives. Do you wonder where our government’s money goes and why we are in such debt? We do not have to think long and hard about it.

The list can go on about how we have let our government take care of and now basically controls our lives. Due to vicious circles, we have people who are dependent on government provided medical insurance because they can not afford over-inflated health care. We have people who are dependent on food stamps because they can not afford the rising cost of food in the store. We have people who are dependent on unemployment in the rural areas because the jobs are too far away, the rising cost of fuel is becoming unaffordable, and jobs are becoming scarce due to business closings.

Our government has made it easy for us to not rely on ourselves, but to rely on them. To not have to pick ourselves up and take care of ourselves, but for them to provide the solution whether it be temporary or permanent. 

I do not know what the solution is, but I do know this:

Think carefully when choosing your candidate this year for the nomination as well as in November for the presidency. Do you want to continue as a country dependent on the government or a government dependent on the people? Do you want American to take care of itself and not be dependent on a government who seeks to make us dependent?

(Update 2016: I wrote this in 2012, but my views have not changed. In fact, they have become more radical and sharper. We really need a turn around in this country before the government makes us all into their puppets.)

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5 thoughts on “What We Need Today

  1. Erica, Please do not discount Mitt Romney because he signed legislation for healthcare in his state. That was the CORRECT thing to do as governor. It is the STATE's responsibility and he has never said that he will promote or mandate federal health care. He truly believes, and lives his belief, in limited government and personal responsibility. Go to this website http://mitttheman.com/ for the truth about him from his colleagues of over 40 years. Also go here mormon.org for the truth about what Mormons believe. It's good to get the truth from the source. You wouldn't go to a Volkswagen dealer to learn about Chevys.

  2. I have read both of those sites. I haven't completely discounted him, but I do not believe health care should be mandated on any level. Health care insurance is a private industry that needs to be that way to be competitive. I also believe that health care insurance is also a personal choice to have or not to have.

    I just don't have the confidence in Mitt Romney I would like to have, but if he is the Republican candidate I would seriously consider voting for him.

  3. Mitt Romney is a liar. His speeches are full of lies that can be documented and you do not seem to be the type of person to vote for a liar. I have worked in the healthcare industry for 40 some yrs and you are a bit nieve and seem to forget the millions of people that fall thru the cracks for varying reasons. Healthcare should not be dependent on employers!!! We need a public option so everyone in the USA is guaranteed. I am very disappointed in this post on your blog.

  4. I am sorry you are disappointed in this post. However, you do need to re-read the post. I am not planning on voting for Romney unless he becomes the Republican candidate. However, I do believe health insurance should be a personal choice and should be available whether it is through an employer, private, or publicly. I do not think health insurance should be mandated in anyway. Thanks!

  5. Should car insurance be a personal choice? It seems that no one has a problem with the government requiring the people own car insurance, recognizing that their inability to do so will enable them to push their own costs onto other members of the public. When people do not have insurance it does not mean that they do not have health care, it just make those who do have insurance pay more. It's hardly just a private choice, although a mandate does keep the health insurance in the hands of private companies.

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