Do you have a list of meals?

Do you have a list of meals?

I have resisted this idea for a long time. Making a list of meals that we make on a regular basis or that I would like to incorporate on a regular basis. I just didn’t think it was necessary. I had many excuses for not doing this too. Excuses such as it was a waste of time, I try too many new recipes to have a consistent list, didn’t see the benefit, etc.

After reading a few books in the last two weeks that emphasized having a list of meals, I began to see the wisdom and multiple benefits beyond just for organization’s sake. Why I resisted this for so long baffles me now. This can take some time to do, but it is easy to start. I sat down and listed my favorite meals that I make. Then I asked my kids what meals they liked and could think of. Finally I turned to my cookbooks that I use the most and/or had tabs marking good recipes. This did not take me long at all.

The benefits of having a meal list are many:

1. Saving money: With your meal list, you can compare your list with what you have on hand and what is on sale at the grocery store that week. Then you can make your menu for the week and shop at the grocery store smartly. Having a meal list and menu plan helps you save money because you have a plan and will not be tempted to get take-out or eat-out nearly as often.

2. Saving sanity: Having a meal list will give you a game plan and save your sanity. You will not have hungry kids whining and complaining that they are hungry because you don’t know what to make. Consult the meal list, pick a meal for the amount of time you have, and voila you have supper ready to go!

3. Food storage: By having a meal list, you will know what ingredients you can and will need to stock up for your food storage. Doing the stocking up little by little, you will be able to go to your pantry and know that you have the makings of a meal right at your fingertips.

4. Simplifying: Having a meal list and incorporating a menu plan keeps your life simple. You will come home from work and know exactly what you are making that night. If you stay at home, you will know at 4:30 what you are making and can get the meal started. Makes life so much easier!

5. Family meals: By having a meal list, you can have a good, nutritious meal on the table and be able to spend quality, stress-free time with your family talking over your day. How wonderful!

6. Delegation: With your meal list and menu plan if you choose, your family can help you prepare meals. They will be able to see what meal to make and be able to start the meal or help you prepare the meal. Children as young as eight can be a help to you at preparing meals. Give them simple tasks and lead up to more difficult tasks as they get older. My 11 year old can make a meal on her own now. It is a great blessing!

I believe having a meal list will be a huge blessing for my family and help us with getting the most out of suppertime and lunchtime. I also believe having a menu list will help us in our preps because we will be able to store what food we make.

Thanks for reading! Have a great night!


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2 thoughts on “Do you have a list of meals?

  1. I don't have an actual "list" but we definitely have a bunch of go-to meals. Anyone who reads my menus probably roll their eyes to see spaghetti every week during the winter months but it's a quick and easy, non-stressful meal.

  2. I actually do have a list. This is such a time and money saving idea. Not sure what I would do without it. Thanks for the post.

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