Things always happen in threes…

Things always happen in threes…

I grew up with this phrase: Things always happen in threes, especially bad things. Last week proved this right once again (darn it) and could explain the quietness of this blog this last week.

Last week Tuesday, I got the health scare I did not want. Did I think it was serious? Not really, but it had me a bit concerned. I went to the doctor to get a cyst drained because it was starting to be very uncomfortable. Not painful, but certainly a pain to deal with! The doctor ended up doing in-office surgery to get take out a mass of some sort. He thought it was a tumor of some sort. On Wednesday,  I found out it was a fibroid tumor. Whew.

You know, just the thought of a tumor had me thinking a bit during that week. My health and physical condition are not very wonderful. I could be a lot thinner, but I like to eat! Starvation and dieting have very little appeal to me. So I need to work out more which I have been doing. The results were already there when I lost seven pounds in one week!

Last Thursday afternoon, my uncle Jerry passed away. For those who knew him, he was really well respected in our family. He was a quiet, gentle person who was always good to his wife and kids as well as the rest of the family. I always remember him saying “You’ll be fine”. And he was right. His service was Tuesday afternoon. It was a sad time with a lot of laughter sharing some stories about him. Very good to see everyone too!

Last Friday, my van had issues. Again. This time the steel pipe that helps the antifreeze flow around to the back broke. Not cool. My van overheated, but so far so good. The pipe was replaced with a hose and the head gasket appears to be okay. So far. Knock on wood and all that.

Which leads me to another thought to ponder: Why do car manufacturers use steel and aluminum lines underneath vehicles? On my van, almost all of these have been replaced due to the salt put on the roads in the winter. They have all corroded and leak or broke. Just silly if you ask me.

Luckily, weeks like this do not happen very often!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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