When I Have Too Much On My Mind and Can’t Sleep

When I Have Too Much On My Mind and Can’t Sleep

 By nature, I am a night owl. I love to be up late and get things accomplished at night. But I know this does not fit my life right now. I need to sleep. Getting to sleep before 11:00 most nights can be difficult.

I had one of those nights last night.

I couldn’t get to sleep. I had so much on my mind and things I wanted to remember to do. It just about drove me crazy! What is a girl suppose to do?

I started writing down everything I wanted to remember. Remember to do, remind myself little things, etc. I must have had a lot to remember. I know I finally took the paper and marker to bed with me so I could continue to put ideas down.

In no way will I get all this accomplished. No way. Nuh-uh.

Just so you all know that I am not this accomplished, have it together kind of woman. I would be lost without these lists!

Thanks for reading! Have a great night!

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