Why Store Food?

Why Store Food?

I have been reading a lot lately on other blogs about stepping up the food storage. I follow several prepping blogs that keep me motivated and give a good direction to go in my food storage. Something occurred to me a few weeks ago when my kids were teasing me about storing food and water and the end of the world coming.

My kids did not know why I prepped. They did not know why we store food. They did not know my motivation. I knew why. I haven’t shared with many people why I stored food and water. I know I could explain and people still not understand why, but I am okay with that. I will attempt to explain now.

About nine years ago, my then husband and my finances had hit rock bottom. We were in over our heads in debt because of credit cards and car loans. We were so overdrawn at the bank we couldn’t cover anything. We did not have money to buy the necessities like food, detergent, and paper goods. Before we sought help, we ate almost everything in the house. We couldn’t wash clothes because we did not have detergent.

Yes we were both working, but our spending habits had gotten the best of us. No we were not splurging on big items, but it was the little things. Stopping at the gas station and buying a jug of Gatorade and a bag of chips. Buying the unnecessary extras at the stores. Putting bills on our credit cards and not paying the credit cards off. Not keeping our activities and travels under control. You get the idea.

I remember quite a bit from this time that I am not going to indulge details on, but the biggest thing I took away was not having quite enough food. Yes we could have gone to the food pantry, but we didn’t. We had some food in the house I had no idea to cook and by the end, nothing that would have made a meal. But we did not have enough to provide for the kids. The kids who depended on us for everything.

Once we got our feet underneath us, the rug got yanked out from under us again. My then husband had served his student teaching time, had worked at the school, and then did not have a job when school got out. I was expecting our fourth child and only working part-time. I found out how far I could stretch $20 for groceries. It was touch and go for a while. Again we got our feet underneath us when he got a job, but then we got divorced.

I knew before then and I still hold this to me: I am solely responsible for my kids’ needs. Yes I have needed and accepted help since then. But now I keep enough food in the house for many months if not years. I keep enough necessities in the house for many months. And I keep my finances under control. I don’t spend money I don’t have.

What would happen if your financial situation took a hit? What if you lost your job? How could you survive? Could you go months without going to the store? Could you even go a week without going to the store?

With our current economy, these questions could become the reality.

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