Garden Goals Update

Garden Goals Update

Remember this post: 2012 Gardening Goals, Dreams, and Prayers

The one where winter got on my nerves and I decided I need some direction to dream about the summer that was eventually coming?

Yep, me too. So I am updating you on it where I am at, what I have done, what will get done, and what will have to wait another year.

The thing is when I wrote this list, I seriously thought I would have more time or that time would slow down a smidgen so I could do all this. Please just keep that in mind. Then laugh because you all knew I was being delusional!

Without further delay, the list as I posted it and the update behind it in a different color:

1. Plant three rows of potatoes this year instead of two rows. Two was not enough. I am not sure three will be either, but I need to expand slowly. Yes, this happened!!! I didn’t think I would have enough for three rows, but lo and behold I did!

2. Plant 6-8 hills of sweet potatoes. This will be a new crop for us this year. By tonight, I will have these planted and it will be 10 hills because that is what came in the container I bought!

3. Try growing peas and pole beans along side the barn this year to free up space in the garden. This will mean I need to (A) put a long trellis up or (B) invest in some cattle fence and posts for the peas and beans to grow up. Not happening this year because of the gift of the case of green beans that Rob bought back from Florida. That was plenty to eat and to can! Next year.

4. Successfully grow onions that are bigger than a shooter marble. Working on this – we will know more in a few months!

5. Successfully grow and nuture tomatoes. Again, working on this! Update coming in a few months!

6. Cut the raspberry canes ASAP this spring and replant the raspberries so they look a little less wild. Ummm…I did clean them out and the weeds came back. Will try to get that back under control!

7. Cut down and kill the tree growing in my rhubarb. Not done yet, but trust me it is going!

8. Start composting. Not yet done, but will be working on it.

9. Plant blueberries. I did buy two, planted one because the second one was non-existent. We shall see.

10. Implement a very effective mulching and/or natural weed prevention program. We are! We laid newspaper down on the non-planted areas and put mulch over top of the newspapers. So far, so good!

11. Plant kidney beans to dry and to can. Next year.

12. Plant pinto beans to make my own chili beans and to dry. Next year.

13. Make weeding a twice a week habit. Working on this!

14. Get a whole lot more serious about producing our own food and preserving it. Again, working on this! I did can 8 jars of rhubarb jam.

15. Grow parsnips. Yep! They are going in tonight too!

16. Grow carrots. Next year.

17. Use more container gardening for herbs, squash plants, and peppers. We did the containers for parsley, basil, cherry tomatoes, and regular tomatoes. The squash and peppers went directly into the garden this year.

18. Finish reading Gardening When It Counts by Steve Solomon. Working on it!

19. Add compost to my garden this year. Not happening right now. Maybe fall.

20. Possibly move strawberries to a raised bed by the garden. The raised bed would need to be built first. Not likely to happen this year, but I am not ruling out this fall.

21. Attempt to grow more heirloom varieties so I can start saving seeds. Question though: Are Yukon Gold Potatoes heirloom? I really like them. We are attempting this, but I did choose a lot of drought resistant plants because we are looking to have a dry summer.

22. Buy my own rear-tined tiller. I am watching garage sales and auctions for one. A new one is out of my price range.

23. Enlarge my garden by five feet to the east and to the south. Not happening unless number 22 happens.

24. Install a rainwater collection system on barn to get a closer water source to the garden. Working on procuring the materials for this right now. Again a new one is out of my price range, but I get the materials for little to nothing and make my own!

25. Buy a decent water sprinkler for the garden. Found one in the garage! Amazing!

Wow! I am doing better than I thought. 5 out of 25 things that aren’t happening this year and only 2 things that are tentative for being done this year. I am quite pleased at the progress so far, but gardening is work and needs to be done everyday if possible!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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