Strawberry Jam Fever (and a few tips!)

Strawberry Jam Fever (and a few tips!)

I have been making Strawberry Jam for the last few days when I have a few moments. I found a really good deal on them at the store as well as getting a few from my garden. We love, love, love strawberry jam! This is also the one thing I can make that my oldest child does not give me grief for canning.

I did something different this year. I use to make freezer strawberry jam. This year, I made it and canned it because (1) I don’t have room in either of my freezers and (2) I wanted to actually can it this year. 
First I made regular Strawberry Jam or so I thought. This is soooo much better than the recipe I had been using! This recipe came from the Food In Jars blog to whom I am eternally grateful for all the canning recipes they post. Some day, I will get through all of them! Please click on the link for their recipe!
There they are in the middle. Right next to my canned chicken. Delish!

Next I made Strawberry Balsamic Jam. I had some balsamic vinegar to use up and I had heard great reviews about the marriage of strawberries and balsamic vinegar. I wasn’t disappointed! The house smelled awesome and the jam tasted even better! The balsamic vinegar gives a richness and depth to the strawberry jam that cannot be imagined! I got this recipe from TLC Cooking “Preserving the Harvest”. Again, check them out for the recipe!

A few tips when canning anything:

Always label and date your canned items. This helps you to eat up your oldest canned items first. 

Store your canned items in the boxes that the jars came in. This helps with jars not breaking and storing your canned items safer and easier (below)! 

Thanks for reading! Have a great night!


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