This Week’s Frugal Activities

This Week’s Frugal Activities

Sorry about going so long without posting. I have a bunch of posts coming when I get the pictures downloaded from my camera! I had posted this in the comments at The Prudent Homemaker (great blog/website!) This is what I posted in response to her blog post about frugal activities done in the last week. I thought it would be great to share with you all too!

We are working on not spending money this week, but that is not always to the case. This week:

We had a neighbor who told us to pick whatever we wanted out of his garden since he is gone. We picked enough cucumbers for 5 quart jars of refrigerator pickles, 6 lbs of tomatoes that I will turn into crushed tomatoes today, and 1 freezer quart bag of raspberries that I will turn into raspberry jam.

I was also given a grocery bag stuffed full of yellow squash by a customer. We have eaten some on the grill and I made 6 pints of squash pickles. I will make another batch of squash pickles and put the rest into the root cellar.

I had earned a $25.00 gift card code for Amazon from Angie’s List for filling out three referrals in the health care field. I bought a 25# bag of organic whole wheat flour, only spent $2.07 and received free shipping!

I also picked up several drill bits, reusable gear twists, and small screwdrivers at our local hardware store’s summer clearance sale. I only spent .75 – 1.00 on each item. I also picked a work shirt on clearance for $4.00.

I am watering the garden 3 times a week hoping to save water since water tables are low. We have been reusing grey water and cooking water in the garden too.

We picked out a new dog at the pound and paid a donation of $15.00. We needed a new dog for the farm and were hoping we could find one we could afford. We got a year old black lab that is already trained. Yeah!

I also found unused coupon inserts at our local recycling bins! Score!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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