Have we lost the ability to take care of ourselves?

Have we lost the ability to take care of ourselves?

From watching the natural disasters that have happened in the last few years, one has to ask that question: have we lost the ability to take care of ourselves?

I am starting to think we as a collective group of people have lost that ability. That, or we have lost the common sense, the ability to assess the situation. and the ability to make the good decisions to take care of ourselves. We have become so dependent on others and government agencies to bail us out of bad situations that we no longer feel the need to do so ourselves.

I understand that things can happen that are completely out of one’s control. Sometimes, everything we have or used to prep with is gone in an instant. Most of the time, though, you can anticipate, prevent, and protect yourself, your family, and your things.

Want to know the one thing that irritates me the most after a natural disaster? People who were affected by the natural disaster acting helpless on camera. I hear things like:

“We have no food, no water, no power, nothing.”
“Who is going to help us?”
“Where’s FEMA? Where’s the aid that is suppose to be coming?”
“Why aren’t they here already? They knew this was happening!”

Actually, the last question irritates me the most because “they” knew it was coming and so did the people who are crying because “they” aren’t there yet!

With all the technology that we have and the ability to be connected to the technology 24/7, we know well in advance that storms are coming. In the case of the frankenstorm that came, we did know well in advance. Evacuation orders were given in good time. Several of the help agencies gave links to how to get prepared for the pending storm. They also gave/give a list of food, how much water, alternate power sources, alternate cooking sources, and other materials to have on hand to get through the storm.

Some people listened. Believe it or not, there were people who listened. Great stories on the internet of people who had what they needed on hand and could ride out the storm.

A great deal of people did not listen. They believed FEMA, Red Cross, and whoever else was going to ride in on the storm’s coat tails and save the day. FEMA experienced power outages just like the rest of the area they were in. Both agencies experienced problems getting to the affected areas because of flooding and debris. Then a snowstorm came in, further causing problems in some areas. The help that was coming was not able to be there, at least not in a timely matter.

Most people also do not realize that once you accept help from a government agency like FEMA, you are subject to their rules, their policies, and their dictates. Do you really want to be apart of that?

The point is: we need to take care of ourselves. We need to be ready even if we think these things will never happen to us. I, for one, do not want be the person crying to a media outlet or a government agency that I need food and water for my family because I did not think ahead. To me, that would be a shameful and humiliating experience that I do not want to experience.

It is a simple thing to have the items on hand in a tote, a bag, or a closet for these times. You will feel great and reassured knowing that you are ahead of the game and do not have to be asking for help.

The ability to take care of ourselves is becoming lost in our nation. Do not be one of those who does not take care of yourself and your family.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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