Monday Frugal Update

Monday Frugal Update

This week went a bit better than last week except for the big vet bill I get to look forward too. The joy of raising pets who got sick!

I was able to get chicken hindquarters for $.88 a pound this week. I bought ten pounds. The thighs became dinner on Sunday. The legs went into the freezer to be used this summer on the grill. The scraps and back bone (?) still attached to the thighs went into the slow cooker to make chicken stock. I was able to get two batches of stock out of those scraps. Two quarts of the stock is in the fridge for a meal this week and I canned eight pints of stock.

We did not eat out at all this week! Yes! I did not even eat out for lunch!

I remembered to bring snacks and bottles of water for Paige’s track meet and avoided the concession stand. By the looks of other attendees, I wasn’t the only one!

I sold two books on Amazon. Kind of a down week, but still grateful for the sales!

I cleaned out more cabinets and spent time getting ready for the garage sale in ten days. A lot of stuff is going!

I made two loaves of bread, several oatmeal packets, a batch of taco seasoning, three jars of sun tea, an orange cake (to use up the one remaining orange in the crisper), and a pan of brownies. I also made a batch of carpet refresher for the living room carpet.

I fixed the vacuum and cleaned it. The belt broke and the whole vacuum needed a good cleaning.

We received a free 10′ x 10′ dog kennel to make a run for the chicks that are coming. We will need to add chicken wire to the outside of the kennel and secure a tarp or plywood over the top for shade. I did give them two jars of apple butter for delivery!

We found two pairs of colored tights and a pair of black leggings for Paige for just $1. I also got Dane a shirt to grow into for just $1 also.

I turned my earnings from Ebates into Amazon credit for future purchases. I earned $11.95. Not too shabby!

I started a pot of basil and a pot of parsley today. I wanted to start a pot of cilantro, but I didn’t have any seeds! I already had the pots from a clearance shelf at Target last year, seeds from clearance racks last year, and potting soil leftover from earlier potting projects.

The pea and beet seeds we planted two weeks ago have definitely sprouted! Some of the peas are 4-6 inches high already. But if this weather from ?!#$&# keeps up, I will be harvesting peas from the bay window and the beets will be put in planters! I wish the weather would warm up, not rain, and not blow for a few days! I had to turn the furnace back on and it is almost May! Cripes!

The blueberry bushes and asparagus plants have arrived too, but they will be waiting for better weather also. I have a feeling I will be building a raised bed in the garage and moving it to the west of the garden.

We got free popcorn seeds in the mail that I think we will plant! I hope it works out because this family loves them some popcorn!

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!

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