Preparedness on the Cheap: Evacuation Plans Part 2

Preparedness on the Cheap: Evacuation Plans Part 2

Now that you know where you are going if and when you need to evacuate, you need to plan what to take with you. Whether you decide to have a 72-hour kit or everyone have their own bag or both, you need to have some essentials with you. I am choosing to have a 72-hour kit along with everyone having their own bag. I already have a tote packed and ready to go if we need to go.

Several areas need to be covered in your 72-hour kit and/or personal bags:

1. Water

2. Food
3. Clothing/Shoes
4. Important Papers
5. Personal Care and Sanitation
6. Security/Safety
7. First Aid
8. Tools

What you are seeing is a top view of my 72-hour kit. I did remove a few things from it so you could see in the kit better. I just used a tote that I had on hand, but the lid is attached. For the most part, everything has a pouch or is in a plastic bag to keep things organized, separated, and dry.

What is in my 72-hour kit? Many things and I keep adding:

1. A case of water stored by it on the shelf to grab and go.

2. Two water filter straws in case we need safe drinking water
3. Food: some MRE meals, ramen noodles, canned meat, fruit, and vegetables, tuna pouches, granola bars, cereal bars, a can opener, plastic table service for six people
4. A set of clothing, shoes, socks, jacket, sweatshirts, ponchos, hats, gloves, personal items, and books for each person in their own bag
5. A basic first aid kit
6. A gallon-sized resealable plastic bag with important papers (copy of birth certificates, IDs, passports, insurance policies, important phone numbers)
7. A washcloth, towel, baby wipes, trash bags, sanitary items, a roll of toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste, a bar of soap, hand sanitizer
8. Flashlight, extra batteries, a knife, pepper spray, ammo, whistle, glow sticks, matches, lighter
9. A basic set of tools: multi-use screwdriver, hammer, pliers, crescent wrench, screws, nails, duct tape
10. A couple of books and a few different card games.

Some other things I would keep in my vehicle or in another place close to the kit is blankets/sleeping bags for each person, another case of water, and a weapon of your choosing.

You may think of other things you might want to include. If you have babies, I would suggest having a well-stocked diaper bag at all times as well as including a can of formula and 10-15 diapers in your 72-hour kit. If you have elderly people to consider, keeping some of their meds in the kit as well as a list of meds in the kit would be extremely important. You need to tailor the kit and/or bags to your personal needs. You also need to remember that you will need to carry out the kit so keep it light and manageable.

This isn’t hard to do, but by not doing it, you may put yourself in a situation of having to depend upon others. I don’t like feeling helpless or unprepared. This could save you and your family’s lives. A small effort for a great peace of mind!

Thanks for reading!

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