Do Not Put All Your Eggs In One Food Storage Basket!

Do Not Put All Your Eggs In One Food Storage Basket!

When talking to people about food storage, most people are believers in using multiple methods to build up food storage as well as having a variety of foods in their food storage. However, increasingly I have been coming across people who only have one or two things they are stocking up on, one method, or one way to stock up.

Do not rely on just one method – you need to have a well-rounded food storage. Why?

You can buy a lot of canned goods, but eventually, you run the risk of food expiring or running out.

You can buy a lot of freeze-dried foods, but the same problem exists with canned goods.

You can rely solely on what you grow and raise, but what if you have a bad year or disease takes your animals?

You can buy a lot of dried or bulk goods, but what if they get damp, contaminated, or spoiled?

You can buy tons of rice and beans, but that will get old in a hurry without seasonings or other ingredients.

You can have a freezer stocked with meat, frozen vegetables, and frozen fruit, but what if the power fails or your freezer fails?

You can rely on what you hunt or forage, but what if the area becomes overhunted or stripped bare?

You can take the chance that you don’t need food storage, but you could be proven very wrong.

As you can see, choosing one method can be a problem. Food storage is not complicated, but you should think of it in a broad sense. By choosing many different methods, you will survive longer than choosing one.

How many ways are there to build up your food storage? Several ways and methods. I use various ways and methods especially when I get into a rut. I build up my food storage using these ways:
 – commercially canned
 – home-canned
 – freeze-dried
 – bulk and dried goods
 – gardening
 – gleaning and foraging
 – freezing
 – chickens for eggs
 – hunting (when I get the appropriate training and permits)

Personally, I don’t think there is one right or one wrong way to build up food storage. Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Choose from many ways/methods:
 – pick a few extra cans or jars of food at the grocery store
 – shop loss leaders in your weekly ads and buy the limit (within the constraints of your budget)
 – buy a flat of cans (I do this a lot at Aldis)
 – start a garden
 – ask for extra produce
 – can everything you can
 – don’t waste the food you have
 – dehydrate produce
 – raise chickens for meat and eggs (very easy to do!)
 – join a food coop to make bulk purchases
 – shop online from places like Amazon and Emergency Essentials
 – purchase a quarter or half of beef/pork and can and/or freeze it


How do you like to build up your food storage? Do you believe in one way or choose many ways?

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Updated 10/25/23

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