Nine Ways Food Is Money (And Better Than Money!)

Nine Ways Food Is Money (And Better Than Money!)

From reading many preparedness articles and listening to what other people have to say, I am continually amazed by how many people do not make food storage a priority. Whether you have food storage, the ability to grow and preserve food, hunt or forage for food, or any kind of resupply plan, you have something better than money.

In fact, I have seen an upswing in articles talking about holding on to your money in case of emergencies. Sometimes that is good advice, especially when talking about home and car repairs, medical emergencies, and whatnot. Of course, you should always have an emergency fund. However, when talking about a disaster, crisis, or other situations, money may not do a person a whole lot of good.

Why? Here are nine reasons why:

1. Money does not keep you alive. Food does.

2. You can barter with food. Especially food you decided you don’t like for food you do like. However, you should only store food you like, but sometimes food fatigue happens. 

3. If there is a time where the money is worthless, food will never be worthless unless it is contaminated or severely expired.

4. You need food more than money to live when you have a disaster, crisis, or situation.

5. Storing foods and seeds will give you peace in case of future events. 

6. Having food storage and/or the ability to grow, hunt, raise, and/or forage for food will definitely up your survival chances in any situation. On the other hand, having money, but no real way to spend it, will not help you survive.

7. Food can be made into medicine or used for medicinal purposes. Money can buy medicine, but if the medicine is not available, then what?

8. By-products from food packaging, gardening, foraging, and hunting can be used to make more food. You can use food packaging for storing more food or containers to raise food. Food waste can be used for compost to enrich the soil to grow more food. Livestock waste can be used for enriching the soil also. Money does not do any of that.

9. Food helps keep the family happy and healthy. Food brings comfort when times are not so comfortable. Food brings people together and keeps the morale up when times are tough. Money can do these things, but it is a temporary and cold comfort. If money comes to mean nothing, the money will lose that little bit of advantage too.

Again, you should always have an emergency fund in the bank or at home. In addition, you should always have a stash of cash at home for emergencies. You may not be able to access your bank accounts or use your money electronically. However, relying on your money to save can be foolhardy. Having food storage and supplying your own food will be an actual lifesaver when you are facing hard times.

Which would you rather have: food or money?

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