Preppers, Stop Bashing Each Other’s Food Stockpiles Because No One Is Right or Wrong

Preppers, Stop Bashing Each Other’s Food Stockpiles Because No One Is Right or Wrong

Over the last month at home, we have been talking about how we need to increase our food storage for more people and for a longer period of time. As much as I want to believe I would have enough for three months and longer, reality tells me that might not be the case. 

In researching what I need to keep increasing my food stockpile, I have come across some severe prepper bashing in blog posts and in the comments. Mainly preppers bashing other preppers. As much as I agree with some of the viewpoints, there are some really misguided people too. Some don’t believe anyone else has stocked up on food as well as they have. Some believe in just a one-prong approach is best whether that be prepackaged food, MREs, canned food, or raising their own food.

Why do we need to bash each other and make each other feel incompetent? That just is not necessary! Preppers are doing what they can now to make the future better in times of trouble. We all may be wrong or we all may be right, but for me, these truths are what keep me happy:

1. I am just happy that they are stocking food in any form. At least they are trying! Many aren’t trying at all!  

2. They will be able to feed themselves for awhile and not want to knock on my door for food. That makes me a very happy camper. 

3. As misguided (in my opinion) as it is that they are just stocking on one kind of food source, they are stocking up on food. I do believe in a multi-pronged approach with having a garden and livestock, prepackaged foods, canned foods, etc. Some don’t and I don’t agree, but that is what is great about opinions. We each have our own.

4. As long as they have the means to prepare that food with or without power, I am still happy that they are stocking up. They can feed themselves no matter what.

5. If they are stocking up on beans, wheat, oats, and other bulk items, I hope again they have the means to prepare them. I hope they have some way to process the wheat, cook the beans, make oatmeal, and make bread. Otherwise, they were not thinking all the way ahead. If they did, great! That means they will be eating at home and not be knocking at my door. 

Along with bashing what other preppers stockpile, many are critical about how they stockpile. Why so much criticism?!?! There really is no right or wrong way to stockpile, only how you take care of that stockpile. Take me for example. I use these methods to stock up:

* Grocery Stores, mainly Aldi’s, but wherever I can find a good deal
* Online mainly through Emergency Essentials, Auguson Farms, and Thrive Life
* Amazon using Subscribe and Save, Prime Pantry, and just shopping the deals
* Mass Merchandisers like Target, Dollar General, and KMart
* Gardening, eating straight from the garden, preserving and canning the harvest
* Raising chickens for eggs and, in the future, for meat
* Gleaning and Foraging, eating what I find or preserving for future use

I make sure everything is stored properly and taken care of. I don’t put everything in one place in the house, but have a little stashed everywhere with a main storage room for a most of it. 

I don’t believe in putting all my eggs in one basket because I have learned a few hard lessons about that. Some people do believe in putting all their eggs in one basket and that is okay. It may or may not work out for them, but we shouldn’t criticize them for it. 

Unless they show up at my door for food. Then I will be a little critical. 

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