Using Amazon Subscribe and Save for Prepping and Stockpiling

Using Amazon Subscribe and Save for Prepping and Stockpiling

I actually hate shopping. I rarely buy more than what is on my list and do not really want to go into any store. I also don’t like that people give you weird looks when you buy 4-5 items when you should only need one. I also don’t like to explain myself when they ask questions. 

So I am an online shopper. I know some preppers don’t like to buy online because it is easier to track what is purchased, but I also live in rural area and don’t have big box stores near me to pay cash for my preps. With the advent of security spy cameras, they know who is buying what and where at anyway.

One of my favorite ways to save money and continually add to my preps is to use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save. I like that I can set it and forget about it. Around the 20th of every month, they send me an email asking to make sure this is what I want to be delivered or give me a chance to change my mind. 

Using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save is easy!
1  If an item is available for Subscribe and Save, it will say on the same side as the “Add to Cart” option. Just click “Subscribe and Save”. 
2. Select how often you want delivery, and click on “Review Subscription”. 
3. You will go to another page where you can click “Subscribe Now” and you will be set. You will also get an email from Amazon letting you know what you did. 

You can always go into your account and edit your Subscribe and Save. I will go in and change how often they are delivered, the quantity of the delivery, or delete the subscription if I no longer want that item. If the budget dictates I need to skip a month, I can do that too.

What do I order? My orders change from month to month and I continually add items or change delivery months. Here is an idea of what I am getting for the next four months:

August 5th: AA Batteries, AAA Batteries, Larabars, Vitamins, Raw Honey, Sanitary Pads, and Tea
September 5th: Powerade (kids and sports), Toliet Paper, Tea, Toothpaste, 
October 5th: Rolled Oats (pack of four), Coconut Oil, Tea, Deodorant, Vitamins, Sanitary Pads, Raw Honey
November 5th: Powerade (kids and sports), Toliet Paper, Tea, Larabars, Face Wash, Sanitary Pads

I watch a few blogs that let the readers know of some great deals on Subscribe and Save and I add according to what we need. I will probably add a lot more to these in the next week or two when I go through what I need at home. I always add more than five items to get the 15% discount. Less than five items get only a 5% discount. 

I have actually compared prices from Amazon and my local stores. I find that I save more money doing this than store shopping. Since I don’t like store shopping and I am still saving money, I am a pretty happy girl!

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(This post contains affiliate links, but I was not paid by Amazon for writing this. You are just a witness to my love affair with Amazon!)

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