10 Most Important Items A Female Prepper Should Have

10 Most Important Items A Female Prepper Should Have

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Today, let us focus on the ladies. Women have certain needs and your preps should reflect those needs. I am writing this list with the thought in mind that you might not have a man around to help you. Women need to be as well rounded as possible in their preps. You should be able to handle yourself no matter what!

However…guys, you may think you don’t have to read this, but that would not be the case. You are either a female or have a mother, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, niece, or girlfriend. So this article applies to you either way.

I am not including food and water in this list. They should be a given in any preps. You should always be buying and storing food and water. And toilet paper, but that is a whole other post!

10 Most Important Items A Female Prepper Should Have: 

1. Sanitary pads, tampons, and personal items. This is at the top of the list for a good reason. Unless you are past this time in life, this is going to be a monthly occurrence. Whether you buy reusable or disposable products, make sure you have plenty on hand. These also can serve an useful purpose in first aid too. 

2. Good fitting, practical clothes and shoes. Let’s face it: women’s fashion can be so impracticable. Invest in good, sturdy shoes that fit you well. I also invest in shoe inserts to stretch the life of the shoes. Also, have a good supply of practical clothes: short and long sleeve tee shirts, sweatshirts, fleece jackets, jeans, shorts, socks, and underclothes. When you are worrying about an emergency, you need clothes you don’t have to be uncomfortable in. 

3. Sewing kit. Having a good sewing kit can help you keep clothes in good repair. You can also use it to fix a tent, backpacks, and other items. The old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” applies very well here. Having the ability to fix small rips with a good sewing kit will save you from having to make major repairs or costly replacements later on. If you can invest in a non-electric sewing machine too, you are set. 

4. Good cooking utensils. Don’t you hate it when your favorite stirring spoon breaks in the middle of making stew? Me too! I switched to stainless steel cooking utensils and haven’t looked back. They are sturdy, can handle heat, and can be used for inside and outside cooking. I do have some silicone spatulas and wooden spoons, but I rely on my stainless steel utensils the most.

5. Multiple means of protection and self-defense. Every woman should own a hand gun and know how to use it. I carry pepper spray, a knife, a stun gun, a tactical pen, and/or a hand gun with me almost everywhere I go. I also believe women should know self-defense and learn how to fight with your body or a weapon. You aren’t very valuable to your family and friends if you are injured or dead. And ladies? Do not be afraid to fight dirty!

6. Cast iron skillet and dutch oven. Along with good cooking tools, you need good pots and pans. I believe you can do almost everything you need to with a cast iron skillet and dutch oven. You can cook with both inside and outside the house. Both stand up well to direct flame. The only other pot I would add to this would be a 2 or 3 quart pot. I use mine a lot, but could live without it.

7. Canning equipment. If the stuff really does hit the fan for you, you have a plan to raise your own food. Right? If you aren’t already canning your own food! You need a good pressure canner, a water bath canner (that can double for a stock pot), jars, lids, rings, and canning equipment kit. This may prove vital to your survival later on!

8. Well rounded tool box. I couldn’t tell you how important having your own tool box filled with good quality tools is. Get yourself a good tool box, hammer, multi-tip screwdriver, pliers, socket set, wrench set, hand saw, level, pry bar, and whatever else you find you will need. While you are at it, pick up screw and nail variety packs to have what you need to fix most things or build small things.

9. Reliable transportation. A well running vehicle will give you the peace of mind of not breaking down in the middle of the highway. If you have an emergency and need to leave, the last thing you need to worry about is your vehicle. Just a side tip: keep a few gas cans full of non-ethanol gas in your garage just in case you can’t get to a gas station. They will come in handy. Trust me on this.

10. Water filtering devices and water storage. I can’t understate this. Clean drinking water is crucial. I would get a larger water filter system, such as a Berkey, as well as smaller straw type water filters like LifeStraw. I also make sure to have several filters as well as spare parts in case you need to fix anything. There is also plans out there to make your own filters. Bleach and water purification pills are also a must to have on hand to purify water. 

I know some of this list seems a bit gender biased, but when an emergency happens, most people fall back to traditional gender roles. However, if you are a single female prepper, you will need items that fulfill both roles. This list is geared to be well rounded because I think it is important for guys to have all this on hand too.

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