What This Prepper Buys: The $1 Dollar General Challenge

What This Prepper Buys: The $1 Dollar General Challenge

A few months ago, I wrote a post on What This Prepper Buys: A Trip To The Store With Me. I wanted to give you all an idea on what I purchase for my preps and my everyday life. Since I use my preps in my daily life, I buy a lot of things knowing I can and will use them in both. 

Since then, I have had some requests to do more of these posts and maybe explain why I buy what I do. I can gladly indulge you by doing that! 

I had a prepaid gift card that I needed to use up last month. It expired the end of November and could only be used at certain stores. I had taken some survey a few years back for what I don’t remember. I do remember getting a $35 card for taking it. That is all I need to remember. 

In the massive decluttering I have undertaken in my home, I have been cleaning out my desk and found this card in a little basket. I immediately saw the expiration date and thought I can’t throw away free money! That is against everything I believe!

Then I thought I would challenge myself. We have a Dollar General in the town where I work. Even though I feel the same way most of the time, many people complain that you can not find many things for just $1 at Dollar General anymore. I wanted to see what I could find for $1 or less to add to my preps. 

Above is the picture of everything I bought. I kept track as I was going through the store. I did have to buy drain cleaner for $3.00 which put me around the $35. However, my upstairs bathroom drain is now running a lot smoother!

What did I buy and for how much?

2 bags of cough drops – $1.00 each 
5 pack of ramen noodles – $1.00
2 boxes of baking soda – $.50 each
1 can of pineapple chunks – $1.00
1 bottle of Ajax dish soap – $1.00 
2 canisters of non-iodized salt – $.50 each
1 gallon of drinking water – $1.00 
2 bottles of white vinegar – $1.00 each
1 bottle of drain cleaner – $3.00
2 boxes of Jiffy corn bread – $.50 each
4 cans of Friskies wet cat food – $.50 each
1 jar of sliced pickles – $1.00 
1 bottle of body wash – $1.00  
1 small canister of creamer – $1.00
2 plastic drop clothes 9′ x 12′  – $1.00 each
1 bar of soap – $1.00
1 box of 25 bandages – $1.00
1 pack of 8 vinyl gloves – $1.00
2 packages of oyster crackers – $1.00 each (will be repackaged)
2 cans of carrots – $.50 each
2 cans of mixed vegetables – $.50 each
2 cans of diced tomatoes – $.50 each
2 cans of beans (chili and kidney) – $.50 each
2 pack of microfiber cleaning cloths – $1.00
2 packages of cotton swabs – $1.00 each
1 package of all-purpose thread – $1.00
1 tube of Vasoline lip balm – $1.00

I was able to get 42 items for $35.00 which is doing pretty well!

I have trying to focus on getting my food supply up for my pets. The cat food can be a tricky thing if you have cats with stomach sensitivities like I do. My fourteen year old cat has to be on a grain-free diet. She does not eat canned cat food, only dry food. I am trying to buy extra dry cat food and store in buckets for her. My three year old cat is not at all finicky. He will eat anything moving or not moving (including mice and sparrows). Since canned cat food can last a while, I am stocking up on that for him. Normally, I feed both cats the same thing. However, I want options if I need them.

Salt, baking soda, and vinegar will be used for food and cleaning. The rest of the food went into storage. I always buy soap in some form and shape. I usually always add to the first-aid stockpile. 

The rest of the items are holes I am trying to fill in my preps. I needed more thread to sew and mend. The vinyl gloves, drop cloths, and microfiber cleaning cloths are for clean-up. The drop cloths will also be handy for covering broken windows and covering floors. 

My friend, Patrick at Survival at Home, has also posted about his finds at the dollar stores for his preps! Check him out here: Dollar Store Preps – Packing Your Bug-Out Bag for Cheap!

What would you buy for $35? What items would you pick for $1 at Dollar General?

Thanks for reading,

(This is not an advertisement or endorsement for Dollar General. I am not getting paid to write this. That is simply where I do a lot of my odds and ends shopping and is close by for me to get to. Thanks!)

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