Think Practical This Easter

Think Practical This Easter

Some of you may know, or have figured out by now, that I am not one to go overboard for any given holiday. I like holidays. I dislike the over-commercialism and impracticality of the holidays. Mainly because I see a lot of junk being sold that will just sit around in a closet somewhere gathering dust if it makes to my house.

Easter does not seem as bad as some holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Hallowe’en. But here is my confession: I find Easter baskets to be totally pointless. They usually aren’t made with quality craftmanship, are awkward to store, and do not hold much unless you buy the huge ones. To me, they are not practical at all.

Yes, we do have some baskets. I haven’t thrown them out. I just don’t use them except for when the kids would like to decorate with them. Nor do I discourage the grandparents from giving them to my kids. That is their prerogative.

I find other ways to hold the Easter bounty that awaits my kids on Sunday morning. In the past I have used:
   * Totes
   * Bags
   * Purses (for the girls)
   * Buckets of all sizes and shapes (my favorite is still sand buckets!)
   * Bins
   * Cloth organizing totes
   * Gift Bags (Buy plain colored ones and reuse them!)

I find containers that can have a second, third, and even a fourth use. I might still use spring colored ones, but I try to stay away from the Easter themed items so I can increase their usefulness. If the kids outgrow these items, I can still find ways to use them.

I also try to stay away from Easter themed gifts except for candy. That does need to be Easter themed! I have to let go somewhere! Some of the Easter themed gifts are pretty cool though, especially egg-shaped sidewalk chalk for little hands (genius!). Some others Easter themed gifts, not so cool!

Keep it easy, keep it practical, but still have fun with it! Happy Easter!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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