Decluttering Life and Mind

Decluttering Life and Mind

Lately I have been doing a lot of decluttering at home. As I alluded to in Monday’s post, I have been noticing things. The more cluttered I am in mind, the worse the stress seems. If my house is really messy and very disorganized, I feel disorganized and sort of lost with what I need to do.

If I go through a pile of papers and deal with them, I feel better. If I clean, tidy, and organize a shelf, I feel better. I feel less stressed when I accomplish something. Going through a pile of papers is an accomplishment. Cleaning off a shelf is an accomplishment. Fixing the broken lampshade is an accomplishment.

I like feeling accomplished. It’s good for my self.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a clean house. More times than not, I think we can be hard on ourselves about having a clean house and we unintentionally cause more stress. I can’t have any more stress in my life. So having a perfectly clean house is not going to happen.

However, I like knowing where everything is. I like having a place for everything and for everything to be in place. When my house gets cluttered and disorganized, things are hard to find. I get stressed out, disorganized, and very cluttered in my mind. Then I tend to get angry and take that out on the people around me with unkind words and reactions. That is not the kind of home I want or life that I want to live.

What this all comes down to is the need to simplify. If I have too much stuff, too much clutter, and I struggle to find things, my life is not the simple life that I need to have. Part of living the simple life is being organized and getting rid of the clutter that intrudes on your life and mind.

I know people who have tons of things because of their jobs, hobbies, kids, and whatnot. You would never know they do because everything has a place and they are organized. They know they may need some tools and can find them right away. They have all the sports things put away and if that closet becomes too full, they declutter it and get rid of anything that is not needed anymore. Their lives are much more simple because they know where everything is and when they have no need of something anymore, they give it away.

That is the simplicity that I strive to achieve in my life. It is not difficult to get to this life. I will talk more about this next week.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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