10 Days In July

10 Days In July

10 Days in July…that is how long my youngest two kids are going to be gone. My oldest two kids will hardly be home either between working at the camp, regular work, college orientation, and summer fun.

This already feels weird, but I will taking advantage of the time to do some projects in peace. I have several small and big projects to get done and I want to get started. I always have to have a list first, otherwise I will not remember what needs to be done.

The Kids Are Gone Project List

1. Change out the outlet in the living room. Cords just fall out when plugged in.

2. Clean and purge Paige’s room. This will be a multi-day project.

3. Purge toys out of Dane’s room. He has grown out of a lot of toys!

4. Fix the leg on the loveseat. Hopefully I can just fill in the leg and re-screw it onto the loveseat. Otherwise it will be bricks holding up that end.

5. Get some canning done. I have chicken stock, beef stock, chocolate sauce, and strawberry jam to get done.

6. Put together second set of shelves in the basement and organize the rest of the stuff on the floor.

7. Find shelves or reorganize my office for the books I am selling on eBay. They are taking over my office!

8. Clean up my office. It…is…a…very…very…very…messy room!

9. Put a deadlock on the back door. I have one for each of the doors, but I figure I better start one at a time.

10. Make candles. I have had the stuff to do this for a year, but never have gotten them done.

This list might sound ambitious and I will be over the moon if I even get half of it done! I will take pictures along the way and try to post daily what I have gotten done.

If you would like to join me on this “quest”, please write in the comments what you plan to do! I would love to hear from all of you!

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One thought on “10 Days In July

  1. Paint a bathroom, paint one wall of the kitchen (where we took our a banquette), re-package some bulk purchased meat (TODAY), mail a box of belongings to my daughter in Korea, launder winter bedding to put away, take six large boxes of books to the library for them to add to their collection or their surplus sale, write some letters to loved ones. Good luck on your list! Aim for the stars, you'll always end up higher than if you aim for the tree-tops.

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