Monday Frugal Update

Monday Frugal Update

This week was busy on the work front as well as the home front. The kids had things going on, I had things going on, and a busy weekend. Life is good though!

The weather warmed up here over the week and through the weekend. I actually heard the furnace shut off which was great! However, we are getting colder as I type and have a wind chill advisory tonight and tomorrow. The kids already have a two hour late start.

I have been experimenting more with food in the kitchen using what I have on hand and trying to make recipes healthier. I slipped off the less sugar wagon and so desperately need to get back on to it. I try to substitute honey, succanat, and fruit for sugar with a lot of success. Tomorrow I will share a recipe with what we did Saturday morning. We tried, with a lot of success, to make a berry syrup to go over pancakes and French toast.

I made rhubarb crisp with rhubarb I chopped up and froze from last spring. This was my first time using frozen rhubarb for anything. I was a little worried about the water content of the rhubarb as it thawed, but the crisp turned out wonderful!

I made a loaf of bread on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the bread maker. I like to make bread from scratch, but the bread maker can save me a lot of time!

We made banana whole wheat pancakes using bananas I had froze some time ago. I had scored a good deal on bananas last summer and put some in the freezer. I freeze them with the peel on to keep them whole. When I am ready to use them, I use a paring knife to peel the bananas and they are ready to be used.

I mended a shirt for Paige and a hat for Dane.

Rob came down this last weekend and accomplished a few things around the house. He fixed Dane’s door to his room that was having trouble staying on the hinges. He also fixed some of the rattling of the circular stairs that go down to Dane’s room. Rob is really good at spotting small problems and taking care of them with what I have on hand.

Saturday night, Rob and I attended my company’s holiday dinner at a local country club. The company pays for the meal and drinks. We always have a good time talking and getting to know my co-workers!

I scrubbed all the hard surface floors Friday after work. Instead of using different cleaners for each type of floor like I used to, I used Dr. Bronner’s soap with hot water and a rag. It worked like a charm and I loved using a cleaner that is gentle to me and my floors.

We took six boxes of clothes, toys, and miscellaneous to the thrift shop. We also took several loads of recycling to the recycling bins in town. I felt really good getting rid of so much stuff!

I cut my own bangs. I prefer them shorter right now so this will be happening more frequently.

That is all I can remember for now! I am working on writing down things as the week goes on so I can give you all more information!

Thanks for reading!

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