What I Do To Be Organized

What I Do To Be Organized

I am not a naturally organized person. I don’t carry around a planner because I forget to write things down in them or forget them altogether. I am a visual person and need to have my organization in front of my face or somewhere my eyes will see.

I use these tools to see where every one will be, where I need to be, what needs to be remembered, and for papers that cannot be lost.

My calendar and two of my lists

Large Desktop Calendar Hung Up on Office Door
– Everything gets written there so everyone can see it
– Everyone writes down their schedule – no exceptions!
– I use Command strips to keep it up

Google Calendar on my phone
– Reminders set up for bills, blog, and appointments

To Do Lists
– I live off of these things!
– Always one in my pocket or nearby
– I use them at work and at home
– I also leave a to do list for my kids so they know what needs to be done by them every day

Shopping Lists
– I write down what we are out of as well as the sales I am interested in

Bulletin Boards
– I have two in the office. One is for coupons, gift certificates, and the phone list. The second board is for permission slips, reminder papers from school, and any sport/music schedules.

– lists of what items I need/want and what I have on inventory.
– I also use them for holiday shopping, gardening and homesteading to keep track of costs, produce, what worked and what didn’t work.
– I use notebooks a lot because that is easier for me than continually updating a spreadsheet.

Pretty easy system for me! What do you like to use for organizing?

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