Do You Have Too Much or Just Enough For Your Needs?

Do You Have Too Much or Just Enough For Your Needs?

Here is some questions to ask yourself:

1. If you had to leave your home in an emergency, could you?

2. Would you be able to leave your things and stockpiles behind?

3. Do you buy things just to have them or because they will serve a purpose not yet fulfilled by something else?

4. Do you buy a new pot just in case you might need it, even though you might have three already in that size or can serve the same purpose?

5. Do you buy a new pair of jeans because you think you deserve even though you have three almost new pairs sitting at home? Do you buy a new outfit for a party even though you have perfectly good outfits in your closet?

6. Does shopping equal family time? Do you buy things for your kids so they will think you are the “cool” parent or because they truly have a need?

7. Do you have more stockpiled than you can ever possibly use? Stockpiles are great, but sometimes you can have way too much of something just because it was a good deal, but you don’t need it.

Chances are you have too much stuff. I have too much stuff.

In reading history, you realize that most common people didn’t have a lot. They didn’t need a lot. They may have had two or three outfits, one or two pairs of shoes, one or two skillets, a dutch oven, just enough dishes for one meal, and so on.

They had just enough for their needs and didn’t need anymore. They had enough to survive and thrive. They didn’t need more.

In today’s society, we have a lot more than we need to survive and thrive. We have enough outfits to last us for at least two weeks. We hold onto things that have no meaning anymore. We accumulate more things just to have them. Why?

Being prepared, we are told we need to have more gear, more supplies, more this, and more that. Yes, we do need some things to survive and thrive, but how much stuff do we need? Can we simply have too much?

Yes we can because we start to put more stock into having stuff to survive. Instead we need to have skills, smarts, common sense, and a strong work ethic to survive.

Having things just in case of emergency is great. Trust me, I have several things for emergency purposes. Having a stockpile of food, first aid supplies, cleaning supplies, and seeds is great. I know I will be taking care of 8-12 people at least when something happens. I make sure I have plenty to cover that.

However, when I visit homes and see a huge walk-in closet stuffed full of clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry, that is too much stuff. When I see all the latest gadgets and nothing practical, that is too much stuff. When I see three sets of golf clubs and almost no food in the refrigerator, that is too much stuff and misplaced priorities.

Having too much stuff is misplaced priorities. We have gotten so accustomed to “living the good life” by buying whatever we want that we forget about only needing to have what we need to live.

What you do need to live?
1. Food and Water
2. Shelter
3. Clothing
4. Reliable Transportation
5. Means to protect yourself

That is it. That is all you need.

Having things is nice, but so many people form an attachment to their things that is not healthy. Then an emergency situation happens and they grieve terribly over losing their things. I get that some things are not replaceable. What is really not replaceable is memories and people. Those are things you can never have enough of.

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