Sunday Savings on the Homestead Week 6: Meal Planning and No Eating Out Week

Sunday Savings on the Homestead Week 6: Meal Planning and No Eating Out Week

Every Sunday I will be posting a Sunday Savings on the Homestead. This posts will concentrate on one money saving thing you and I can do to save money for the week. Some will be easy, some will be be a bit difficult, and all will concentrate on one way to save money for the week. Please join me in trying to live a frugal life in 2015!

I have been in a huge meal planning crunch lately. With junior high basketball over with, life is getting back to normal. And I need to get back onto the meal planning way as soon as possible. This challenge is just as much for you as it is for me.

We have been eating very quick meals that do not produce leftovers. I have also have a starving 10 year old son and 14 year old daughter to contend with. They are doing their best to eat me out of the house. Therefore, I have been having to eat out at lunch or buy more food for lunch. Both of those things can really hurt my budget. 

How do I meal plan? Sometimes very simply and sometimes I have to write a grocery list. I am using what I have this week because I got groceries on Friday after work. Sometimes I assign meals to days and sometimes I just write a list and go from there. I am just writing a list this week because I know we will have some surprises in our schedule this week. 

On my meal planning list, I include a list with leftovers so I know what to grab for lunch and what needs to be used up. I also include a list of potential breakfasts to make the mornings run easier. 
With this list, we eat out a lot less if at all. And that is the second challenge of this week, No eating out! (Again, this is as much for you as it is for me.) Eating out seriously crunches the budget especially if it is unplanned eating out. My budget doesn’t need this and I doubt yours does either!
Join me this week! Sunday is a great day to plan this!
Thanks for reading!

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