The Revolution Starts With You – 50 Ways To Start Your Own Revolution

The Revolution Starts With You – 50 Ways To Start Your Own Revolution

The consensus among most of us now is that the world and our country are absolutely going in the wrong direction. We see a trend towards self-sufficiency and more, but we are being taxed, fined, and forced to pay fees for everything we want to do. Local and county governments have taken this a step further and want you to beg their permission for even building on your own property. They decide if you can have animals in town. They will tell you what you want in your own front yard.

How ridiculous!

The list goes on, but we are being ruled by our own government instead of the government listening to the needs of the people. We are supposed to be a constitutional republic but are making a fast slide into socialism and tyranny. Our own government is being ruled by corporations and other external forces. We don’t really have a voice anymore. (I’m keeping the politics out of this and please keep it out of the comments.)

So where does that leave us? We need a revolution, but I am not really one for war and violence. It has its place, but the personal costs are always too high. I like the term “nonresistance”. The Amish and, to an extent, the Quakers use this term a lot. However, it is the way they use it that strikes my fancy. They let their lives show by example that they have learned to live in a way that stays true to their beliefs but does not openly defy the authorities and the government. They have learned to live in a way that shows them staying true to themselves and showing others that they can too.

Does this mean that you have to become Amish or Quaker? Not at all. I’m certainly not because I am not opposed to certain technologies in my life. However, we need to understand that the revolution starts with us. The way we live, the things we do, the company we keep, the way we raise our children and more all contribute to how we choose to keep fighting the powers that be keeping us taxed and lawed until death.

50 Ways To Start Your Own Revolution

  1. Living your life with intention and being productive.
  2. Treating others with respect and living the Golden Rule.
  3. Raising your children with respect, teaching them skills, and raising them to be good people.
  4. Cultivating relationships with your neighbors and friends – build a community
  5. Simply caring about where our goods come from
  6. Buying local even if it costs more – we need our local economy and businesses
  7. Growing your food
  8. Raising your own food (livestock)
  9. Preserving the harvest – canning, dehydrating, freezing your own produce
  10. Learning skills and learning how to do things on your own again
  11. Teaching the next generation how to do anything skill-based. This isn’t limited to just your own kids and grandkids either.
  12. Learning to defend yourself
  13. Learning to shoot a gun
  14. Gaining knowledge by reading and doing
  15. Teaching the next generation whether they are your kids or not
  16. Believe in something higher than yourself
  17. Take care of yourself
  18. Learning how to treat your ailments and illnesses without conventional medicine. Conventional medicine can cause more harm than good.
  19. Being productive people instead of being lazy people
  20. Being patriotic. Respect our leaders and our flag.
  21. Being proactive instead of reactive
  22. Being prepared and ready for emergencies and crisis
  23. Homeschooling or being very active in their schooling (public or private)
  24. Teaching your kids and the next generation about American and world history (what really happened)
  25. Reducing your impact on the Earth and the area around you
  26. Recycling everything you can
  27. Repurpose what you can and learning new uses for everything
  28. Becoming a non-consumer whenever possible – you can buy most things used
  29. Treasuring and learning from the elderly – they know more than we ever could
  30. Getting rid of the negative habits and addictions – they will not serve you in the future
  31. Saving more than you spend – you do not need to spend your whole paycheck before you get another
  32. Disconnect from the grid as much as you can and still be legal
  33. Getting rid of the smart devices in your home – they are listening and recording you.
  34. Learning to fix your own vehicles and equipment
  35. Doing your research before choosing to participate in our political system
  36. Choosing not to participate in our political system
  37. Eating a healthier and unprocessed food diet – becoming healthier
  38. Obey the laws as stated in our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights
  39. Learn your local, state, and federal laws as they pertain to you. Start fighting the ones that are unfair and create a heavy burden on yourself. This includes tax laws.
  40. Quit making moral issues into political issues and vice versa – our politicians feed off of this and use it as a diversion from what is really happening
  41. Accepting people as they are and realizing how they live has no effect on you – living and knowing someone next to you does not affect your religious, political, and sexual status. Only you do that.
  42. Figure out ways to cut your reliance on our government without breaking the law
  43. Try something new every day, every week, and every month. Stop being comfortable with the status quo and challenge yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically.
  44. Spend less time on social media and more time with people and doing something productive
  45. Stop caring what others think. You are doing what is best for you and your family.
  46. Having a nice lawn is overrated – grow fruit trees, plant perennials, and plant gardens. Raised beds look nice in front lawns. Growing your own food is more important than looks.
  47. Question and protest “progress or advancements”. We have done a lot in the name of industry and progress that is rarely progress. Wind towers are only feasible because of subsidies and can cause health issues. Hog confinements are rarely a good thing and are often built close to people who are not the owners. Those people get to deal with the stink, flies, and more. Those are just examples, but if you are not in favor of it, protest it by going to your local supervisors and city councils.
  48. Declutter your life. Sometimes being busy is good, but being too busy with crazy schedules causes us to avoid what is really important in life. If you really want time to do the above things, start paring down your commitments and your obligations. If your kids’ activities are the problem, ask them what they really enjoy and bow out of the rest.
  49. Understand you are not in competition with anyone but yourself. You don’t need a new car every two years, every toy made, the nicest things ever, new clothes every season, and whatnot. No one is profiting from that except the corporations and salesman. You are letting them make you feel inferior and needy. You don’t need those things. You really want to start a revolution – stop putting money in their hands and stop giving them that power.
  50. Anticipate what is coming and be prepared for it. If you think an economic depression is going to happen, get ready for it. If you think there will be a civil war, get ready for it. Get your finances in order. Get your life in order. Do the normal prepping and then some. Whatever you see coming down the pipeline is what you need to prepare for. 
This may seem like an odd list. Some of it is based on my personal beliefs about what is going on in our country. Some of it comes from the fact that corporations want us dependent on them. If you stop feeding the monster, the monster will diminish if not disappear. 

Some of this is based on old-fashioned values. You notice there were fewer problems during those times. They didn’t have media in their faces most of the day to influence what they did and didn’t do. They didn’t have social media to make them feel less than “normal”. They kept busy all day with productive tasks and projects. They read and visited for enjoyment and diversions. 

We are being manipulated now more than ever and it needs to stop. If everyone starts their own revolution, the world will start to become a better place for you. However you choose to start your own revolution doesn’t matter – just as long as you start one. 

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  1. You are absolutely correct! It begins and also ends with us, “we the people”!! If everyone could do just one thing a day, imagine what we could accomplish. Thank you for an amazing list, sharing on my page because we all need to be revolutionary in these days.

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