National Preparedness Month: What Can You Do To Prepare?

National Preparedness Month: What Can You Do To Prepare?

National Preparedness Month takes place every September. Becoming more aware of preparedness is beneficial for everyone. Whether you are new to prepping or a seasoned veteran, preparedness is a very important component to anyone’s emergency plans.

Why do I think you should prepare? Because it makes good sense! Prepping is a logical thing to do to be ready for any emergency, crisis, or disaster that may come into your path. Prepping doesn’t just involve the big catastrophes. It also involves the daily life problems that could sideline anyone – injuries, cancer, death of close loved ones, job loss, divorce, and more. Anything that could make an impact on your life is something you can prepare for.

Prepping really helps me deal with daily life better. If I can’t buy groceries for a few weeks, I know I have enough food to cover those two weeks. That knowledge alone gives a sense of peace and gets rid of any anxiety or worry I have about that situation. Challenging myself to learn new things and develop new skills helps me to gain confidence in handling tough situations. It could be as simple as learning how to replace your headlight and adjust the headlights. By knowing how to fix that (or other car issues), you are not at the mercy of a mechanic or an on-the-road expensive repair. You can stop at an auto parts store, buy the part, and fix it yourself with the right tool. That makes me feel better in a second because I don’t feel helpless in those situations.

Current events in this last year should convince anyone to be prepared. We have had devastating hurricanes, out-of-control wildfires, earthquakes, and more. Being ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice takes a lot of prepping that should not ever be done at the last minute. Having to-go or bug-out bags are a critical prep for anyone.

We are always hearing about job layoffs, factory closings, store closings, and more. The economy is pretty precarious right now and could take a downturn at any moment. Having a well-stocked food and non-food storage and pantry is extremely important for anyone to be able to ride out these times. Having the skills and actively practicing how to raise your own food is also very important to surviving these times. Learning how to make do and reuse whatever you can also help you more than you could ever know.

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It is never too late to prepare or to be prepared. You can start anytime, but there is no time like the present. Unlike most things, procrastinating preparedness could cause you and your loved ones some serious problems if not dire consequences. You would have wished you had been prepared then. However, you don’t need to ever put yourself in that predicament.

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  1. Love this Erica! Being prepared helped us weather a job layoff and later on a health incident. We are still recovering from both, and trying to rebuild our preps.

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