Decluttering Decision Tree

Decluttering Decision Tree

For years, I thought I had to keep everything because I may never know when I or the kids might need it. While that may be true, I had trouble with the clutter. The clutter would grow and expand until it took over every available space.

When I decided enough was enough, I made a very conscious and very immediate decision to declutter and organize. While I am still not very good at the organization, the decluttering I have gotten down to this decision tree. I wrote about it on a facebook post, but I thought I would actually show this here. This will actually show up as an outline. Someday I will get the hang of scanning and posting. Someday.


Do I absolutely need this item?  
Do I want this item? 

1. Do I absolutely need this item? 
    A. Do I need this? 
          a. Yes, then keep it and find a place for this item.
          b. Maybe, ask myself why?
          c. No, get rid of the item.
    B. Is this something I can borrow from someone else?
          a. Yes because I only use this item once a year or less. 
          b. No because this is a specialty item that is hard to find.
          c. No because my neighbors already borrow this item from me!

2. Do I want this item?
    A. Why do I want to keep it? 
         a. Do I love it? 
         b. Does it serve a necessary purpose?  
         c. Am I keeping it due to sentimental reasons, just because, etc. 
             1. Will my kids care if I have all their school papers, etc. in 20 years? 
         d. Have I touched or used this item in the last year?
    B. Yes because I love the item, I find it necessary to have and use it enough to justify keeping it.
         a. Find a place for it or organize it.
    C. No it does not serve any purpose but to collect dust and be in my way. 
         a. Get rid of it!

This has simplified the process greatly for me. I try it for my kids too, but they have a harder time getting rid of the clutter. Still we make progress! 

I hope this works for you!

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